Hi Carol,

Just a quick note to let you know what a spectacular weekend we spent at Fugitive's Drift. I think that is definitely THE lodge to send people to for the Anglo-Zulu tours. It was absolutely wonderful. The rooms and grounds are perfect, the food was amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and have been recommending it to everyone we see.

The tours were great. The one for Isandlwana left a little early in the morning for me (ask David, I am a nightmare on the morning safari drives too), but it was still excellent and it really set the stage for the Rorke's Drift tour. As you know, I wasn't as keen to do these as David, but there were so many times when these guides nearly had me in tears.

I can't wait tell Amanda about this- this would be completely 100% up her alley. She loves history, so I think she and Ryan would really enjoy it.

Thank you again for organizing everything for us. It was lovely and perfect and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Warmest Regards,
Jamie  & David
If you decide on S outh Africa for your honeymoon   and want a   great   person to sort out your itinerary and provide you with lots of lovely options to look at, I have the most amazing lady who does it all for you.  Clare  planned her honeymoon to Tanzania with Carol and will vouch for her .  She knows all the places and knows the best rooms etc etc, books your restaurants  ,   golf /activities   if you want.  She'll give you ideas even if you don't use her (but you will use her once you get emailing her).  I'm also pretty much an expert on restaurants/places to stay and can send you the web links.  Her email is unearthafrica@telkomsa.net .  She  owns a small business is very 'hands on" and offers personal service  ......   and, has now  become a great friend.

J ulia & Les
26 March 2009
Dear Carol,

Thank you for the fantastic job you did for us on all of the arrangements we enjoyed while in SA. The Klein Genot has to be one of the most delightful experiences we have enjoyed in all of our travels. Hope the car was picked up without any problems.

The transfer to the airport was perfect.  Any referrals, please feel free to use my name whenever you wish. I will be pleased to respond to any inquires.

We live in Palm Desert, California. It is in the same general area as Palm Springs. Very desert with high mountains. Hot summers and somewhat cool winters. Vacation spot for many of the people in the US who want to get away from the snow and bitter cold. We would love to have you visit us if you are ever in our part of the country.

Kindest Regards,
Frank & Mary-Jane (MEXICO)
Hi Carol,

Well we are back safely after a wonderful 5 weeks in South Africa. It was the best holiday we have been on and are both (+Bump) now ready for our next adventure - although Im not sure you can help us with this one!!!

I wanted to thank you for making our trip so memorable and easy. Everything you organized for us was perfect and the recommendations (Mount Grace, Motswiri) were spot on! If ever we need fast, efficient, friendly service in booking future holidays in SA (of which there will be many)  - we know where to come and more importantly - where to send people.

Thanks once again Carol for all your help!

Kind Regards,
Chris, Jen + Bump
(Sydney NSW)
O Carol, we had the best time!!!  We did not want to come back home.  We arrived safely and so did our Luggage, thank goodness!  Hermanus was lots of fun.  We saw lots of whales!
I have had so much fun showing our pictures to our family and friends.  My parents (my mom especially) really want to take the trip to Africa.  I know just who to set them up with!  They have to pay for my sisters wedding next summer and then we will try to get them over there.  I know they would love it!

I will send you some pictures as soon as I get a chance..  We cannot thank you enough!!  You are the best and we could have not done it with out you!!  I will recommend you to anyone who wants to take a holiday to Africa.  We look forward to working with you again.  We had a great time and we would love to go back!!

Thanks again for making our honeymoon so special,

Jill & Dalton (USA)
We want to thank you so much for all of your help and hard work making sure our honeymoon was amazing. We had the absolute best time and we very sad that day we left. South Africa has a special place in our hearts and we will definitely visit again.

We really appreciate all of the time you spent communicating with us during the planning of the trip. Your ideas were wonderful and you really helped guide our choices and how to best spend our time. We feel like we got to experience so much of what the country has to offer.

Please keep in touch. We hope to see you again the future.
Love Kacey & Greg (Nebraska - US)
Hey Carol ...  you did an excellent job!

No worries on the airport connection, we were going to have to pay someone to get us there either way so not that big a deal, our taxi driver was nice.

We did not get to do the white water rafting because of the conditions, so we decided to do an elephant back safari which was really fun. I am glad we got to do that. I did do the bungee jump, it was amazing! I will admit that I was very scared leading up to it, but I am so happy that I jumped, it was a great experience. Game viewing was not so great in Botswana , but it there was really thick vegetation so lots of places for the animals to hide. Not anyone's fault really, just the weather conditions everything else about that place was fantastic. We also went on a Namibian village tour I would highly recommend that for your future clients. It is only $30 and a really neat experience.

The shark dive operators were great, the shark viewing was ok but again it had nothing to do with the company. Again not much you can do about the weather conditions or the season. They were very professional and took good care of us the whole way there and back, I think everyone enjoyed it.

Thanks again for everything and hopefully I get to make it back to that part of the world again soon. Everything you did for us made it a great trip for the whole group.